Friday, 5 August 2016

Some of the big reasons kids from Canada go down south for Prep School

Some of the big reasons kids from Canada go down south for Prep School in regards to Basketball ..
1. Basketball is way to political in Canada / GTA if you don't know the right people or the right people don't vouch for a kid its basically an up hill battle proving you are good to people who are pushing others as an agenda.
2. Canadians respect U.S validation in regards to recognizing talent and evaluating skill. If the American's say the kid is legit then the kids legit generally that opinion comes from going down to the states and proving your worth to unbiased eyes.
3. Access to training in Canada you have to seek it out more than you might in the U.S however we have trainers and facilities available but in the U.S they have way more access to gyms and facilities than we do that are focused on Basketball.
4. The kids want to play and train everyday lift weights / practice etc.. within a school environment on a schedule with coaches who are geared towards getting the most out of them we have them in Canada but again not in the same #'s and only a lucky few are exposed to these types of Coaches in Canada.
The business of Basketball is in America lets not fool ourselves basketball is a growing sport in Canada but its not what we are currently hyping it up to be the city of Mississauga has more kids still playing Hockey than kids who play Basketball in the entire province of Ontario meaning we have long way to go and America is still the place to go if your serious about Basketball.

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