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2 Weeks ago a new League was Announced during the same time period of the BIO-STEEL ALL-CANADIAN Game many of us may have missed the announcement and the significance of this announcement by the OBA and its partners.

The new School based league will be focused Elite Boys Basketball Athletes in its first few years and then transitioning
to Girls Basketball as teams and participants emerge. What does this all mean for the future of Basketball in Ontario ?
It means many things will change and quickly this League in our eyes has been put together for a few Reasons which we will list..

1. The OBA very much in fear of becoming irrelevant has made a very smart move in partnering up with Major Basketball movers and shakers in Canada to now have a League
   that keeps the OBA as a major stake holder in Youth Basketball and in a new area High School Basketball.

2. This League removes all the rules that now exist in HS Basketball with boundaries and transferring now all the best players can play where they want without issue or 
   fear of sitting out.

3. This League has nothing to do with OFSAA ..meaning FIBA play and a shot clock these Teams will not play for a HS Provincial Championship .. The OBA and OFSAA were never 
   on the same page in regards to rules and Basketball development this League give the OBA and Basketball Canada greater influence on the Elite Players and Teams.

4. Teams like Orangeville Prep, Thornlea, Bill Corothers and the other Prep Schools in Quebec now have a home League to play in without travelling cross border this will
   also allow other Elite programs within the OFSAA system to step outside and offer the kids who want Elite competition a chance to play in a program that offers Basketball
   and Education.

5. Opens the door for a Jr. Hockey type of system where kids play traditional OBA Basketball until grade 8 and then are open to being recruited by the High Level HS Teams
   within the OSBA regardless of boundaries the OBA at present is still a great place to find the premier Grade School talent along with the CYBL, ABS & PTR League all GTA
   based Leagues.

The Future of Traditional HS Basketball in the GTA :

With the OSBA scheduled for launch next season traditional High School Basketball will start to decline even faster than in previous years with many of the top kids going to Prep School in the U.S in the near future they will go to a local Prep prior to going to a U.S School the filtering of the Elite will happen much sooner and much easier with good programs which are local in distance. OFSAA level basketball will become a league for developing players the non-elite or beginning player as most of the better players will find a home within an OSBA School/Club.

Will this be a bad thing for Basketball in the GTA or Ontario ? no not at all this will now encourage Coaches to develop talent regionally we should have some great teams all over Ontario with all of the top players from say and area like Ottawa or Northern Ontario there best 12 guys all at one school training everyday to play in a wide open Prep League ... the possibility of a School like FHC finding all the best talent in Etobicoke/Rexdale and building a powerhouse the talent and possibilities are endless in a League like the OSBA based on open and fair competition with the Elite players and Coaches.

This was a move that had to be made by the people involved for the greater good of Basketball as a Sport in Canada and most importantly the GTA the home of Basketball in Canada this new League will benefit the CCAA, CIS & NCAA with well trained players ready for Post Secondary Competition.

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  1. thanks for sharing news. Will this league have schools offer two age groups junior and Varsity or just varsity initially?

    1. They are saying initially just Sr. Boys it really depends on demand we all know there is a demand for Sr. Boys Elite Basketball without traditional boundary rules .. many Jr will be on Sr Teams in this league if they are Elite ..

  2. thanks i appreciate the answer to my question.

  3. thanks i appreciate the answer to my question.