Saturday, 7 June 2014

Next Stop HiGH School - Series (JACOB JIMINEZ)

St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School

JACOB JIMINEZ is a name in PEEL REGION basketball we should all get to know he is presently one of the Best PG prospects in Brampton and Mississauga .. think of your favorite point guard on any team Born 2000 and Jacob is probably just as good or better than him ... the kid is that good when running his team. This past season in OBA action he teamed up with CIA BOUNCE Sedore playing with fellow top prospect Joel Brown and Taje Walters making up one of the scariest back courts in Rep Basketball this season for any age group.

Jacobs next move in his young Basketball career will be to attend St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary School this fall Aquinas is not your typical Hoops Power House however with Jacob and the addition of Kaiden Reid (CIA BOUNCE McKoy) and a few other good player Aquinas is looking to build something from the ground up with a new group of well trained players.

Strengths of Jacob's Game :

1. Speed - Fast with the ball and off the ball 
2. Leadership - Great Team Leader makes others better around him when running the PG
3. Scoring - Jacob can score and create.. when he's hot he's something to watch
4. Defense - on the ball a great defender also a great player on help Defense
5. Shooting - Streaky shooter however he does have 3pt range and a mid range game

Conclusion : Jacob is one of the Premier Point Guards anywhere the sky is the limit for him he will go as far as he wants to go CIS or NCAA  no limit on his upside at the PG position.

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